Gritex are suppliers of gritting machines for effective ice clearance.

Gritex - About Us

Gritex was founded by Mark Page in the year 2000 and has been supplying a range of salt spreaders for well over a decade now. Gritex are the sole UK importers of the American manufactured SaltDogg range of salt spreaders used for winter maintenance.

SaltDogg are the market leaders in North America with a reputation for durability and design. The SaltDogg salt spreaders offer an effective, economic way to clear ice and snow. The innovative designs and mounting options for the gritters enable a wide range of existing donor vehicles to be used for winter maintenance services. Information on SaltDogg can be found here

Gritex works closely with the American SaltDogg designers and production team to supply machines that are effective with European salt and for mounting to European specification donor vehicles.