Matterhorn Grit Spreader


Product information

It may be small but the rugged and reliable Matterhorn Salt Spreader from Gritex is specifically designed to evenly distribute all types of salt and grit. Its ideal for schools, car parks, walk ways, shopping centres and driveways.

It should not to be confused with fertiliser spreaders, or inferior gritter types that will only handle bone dry free-flowing salt. The Matterhorn will handle dry white salt as well as grit and council rock salt even if its damp, this is due to its robust design and revolutionary double Manx agitator.

The Matterhorn gritters are designed and manufactured in Europe.

The Matterhorn has the following features :-

  • Light weight
  • Adjustable flow
  • Capacity 25kg
  • High quality stainless steel multi vain spinner
  • Strong non corrosive hopper
  • Metal surfaces treated with Komaxit
  • Hard plastic lid to keep salt dry
  • New double manx agitator for damp salt
  • Robust gearbox
  • Support leg
  • Unladen weight 8kg

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Matterhorn Manual Download

Technical specifications

Weight: 25kg