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SaltDogg PRO2000CH Electric Poly Hopper Spreader with Chain Conveyor.

The PRO2000CH spreader is a popular alternative to the standard SHPE2000 auger spreader, it features a patented double-wall poly hopper that won't rust or dent. It's equipped with a 300mm wide all-steel pintle chain conveyor with a stainless steel trough. This is driven by an independent 3/4 HP, 12V gear motor. A 200 lb vibrator works in conjunction with the stainless steel inverted V to keep your material flowing. The 350mm polymer spinner driven by a 1/2 HP 23V motor spreads material between 1.50 and 9.00 metres.  The intuitive in-cab controller let you independently manage conveyor and spinner speeds and turn the vibrator on/off with the flick of a switch. The spreader comes standard with a top screen, tie downs and can be fitted with the optional SaltDogg Clamshell EZ Lid system.

  • This is suitable for flat bed transit sized vehicles and larger and weighs 330Kgs and around 2400Kgs fully loaded.
  • Durable, patented dual-wall poly hopper with 1600 Litre (2000 Kgs approx) capacity.
  • 12V DC-powered electric drive with independent conveyor chain and spinner motors.
  • It can handle bulk damp/wet council rock salt, sand, or a 50/50 sand/salt mix as well as free flowing white salt.
  • In-cab controller features independent conveyor and spinner speed settings and vibrator motor control.
  • 350mm Poly spinner broadcasts material up to 9 metres.
  • Features 300mm wide all-steel pintle chain conveyor with a stainless steel trough for rapid material flow.
  • Spinner has side-swing feature for easy cleaning, storage and bulk unloading or bag/pedestrain gritter filling.
  • Fitted with Vibrator, top screen, fitted tarp, and tie downs.
  • Forklift slots for ease of  mounting on or off of vehicle. 
  • Made in the USA and backed with a 2 year warranty & available with optional SaltDogg Clamshell EZ Lid system.

For further information on this product please give us a call on 01255 671187 and we will be happy to help.

Technical specifications

Weight: 220kg