Snowex Salt Spreaders manufactured by Trynex, Michigan, USA

From the 22nd of February 2011 Gritex Limited no longer continued to supply Snowex salt spreaders and are unable to process any more Snowex warranty claims, relating to failed vibrate motors, failed controllers, faulty wiring, burnt our motors or corrosion issues etc.

Customers seeking Snowex warranty claims should now contact the UK importers or the manufacturers Trynex directly in the US.

If you need any advice or information please call us on 01255 671187 and we will be happy to help and if necessary recommend a SaltDogg alternative model to the Snowex salt spreaders.

Snowex - SaltDogg Equivalents

A range of Snowex parts can be found here - Snowex Spare Parts

Information regarding the domain name and ruling can be found here SNOWEX.COM