Gritex Product Details

The Gritex 1400701SS Gritter is a fully electric grit/sand spreader has a Stainless Steel Hopper and chute.

This gritter has the additional benefit of having a conveyor feed system instead of an auger so it can handle any type of salt or grit. It has the following features :-

Electric Motors – Two ultra-quiet 12-volt DC direct-drive motors power the conveyor and spinner. These are both encased in heavy-duty weather proof housings for added reliability.  The wiring harness is constructed of heavy duty 10-gauge automotive wire with non-combustible sheathing (rated for -50°C to -105°C). The Gritter is operated by an in-cab controller featuring independent controls for the conveyor (Grit Density) and spinner speed (Spread Width).

Stainless Steel Hopper – High Quality 304 grade stainless steel throughout, electrically welded with sides sloped at 45° with extra strength construction with channel formed top edges. The hopper has a single lift point on the cross support beam that’s located at the unit’s centre of gravity to allow for easy loading and unloading.

Conveyor – The material conveyor operates from front to back of the hopper and is 305mm wide. The all-steel pintle chain with 4.75mm x 20mm cross bar has a strength of 5000 Kgs per strand and total strength of 10000 Kgs. The drive shaft has heavy-duty sealed, self-aligning ball bearings with grease fittings for easy maintenance and long life.

Feedgate – Lever operated with a friction lock for accurate adjustment of spread.

Spinner Chute Assembly –This detachable stainless steel assembly has a 300mm non corrosive polymer disc. The spreading material is guided from the conveyor to the spinner plate through an enclosed stainless steel chute. This chute has internal and external deflectors. These deflectors allow for complete directional spread control and full or compact spread. The total spread radius ranges from 600mm up 10 metres electronically controlled form the cab. The assembly also has an extra wide rear deflector to protect the rear and under carriage of the vehicle.

Gritter Dimensions -  Body Side Length 1.8 metres (6)', Overall Length 2.23 metres, Width 1.19 metres (47"), Height 825mm (32–1/2").

Capacity - 1 Cubic Metre (Approx 1000 Kgs)

Unit Weight – 310 Kgs. 

Weight 300kg

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