Shop the Gritex range of towable rock salt spreaders for salt dispensing across roads and paths in snow and icy weather conditions. In the online range of winter equipment, discover the three types of SaltDogg salt spreaders, similar to SnowEx machines. The Everest salt spreader has a 150Kgs capacity for electric use via a gear box for even salt dispensing. The Everest Plus tow behind gritter is a larger version of the Everest gritter with 250Kgs capacity and fits on a standard tow ball hitch. Lastly the Fuji Road Legal 250Kgs salt spreader has road tyres and is a premium stainless steel salt spreader.

To maintain and repair your used salt spreaders for long-term use discover the Gritex range of salt spreader spare parts for both SaltDogg and SnowEx salt spreaders.

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